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Where Does Quality Start?


Your company manufactures parts. So when does the quality of your parts begin? Does it occur when you are reviewing the print? Is it when you purchase your first measurement system? Does it happen when you sit down during a training class on the software that runs the measurement system?

At Productivity Quality, Inc. (PQI), we believe that the answer is all of the above. We feel that quality starts from the moment you design your part. Then you have to purchase the right equipment for dimensional inspection, make sure it is installed correctly, and receive the proper training needed to make the measurement equipment run at peak performance. There is one common denominator in all these areas. It’s you making those decisions.

PQI is here to help you along that path to make sure you produce that quality part. Our staff is not only experienced in all things quality, but quality is our passion. Quality begins with you. Quality starts here.






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