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ACU-RITE is a manufacturer of numeric digital readout systems and linear encoders for machine tools.



Are you looking to make your manually operated machine tools more profitable? Do you want to improve productivity? Do you want to raise the quality of the machined project? If you are looking to enhance your machine tool, feel free to contact one of our sales representatives about retrofitting your machine tool. 

One of our representatives will take at look at your machine tool, and help you find the right ACU-RITE DRO for your machine. Whether you own a milling, drilling, or turning machine tool, you will have a pleasure working with an ACU-RITE.

If you are looking for a ACU-RITE DRO for your manually operated machine tool, click HERE for the PDF.

Looking to add a DRO to your knee mill or bed mill, or need to upgrade your Millpwr, click HERE for the PDF.


For more information please Contact Us about this line of products.