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PQI Gaging and Dimensional Equipment Calibration Services

PQI offers gage calibration services for hard gages and precision hand tools. With over 20 employees whose sole job is to provide technical support to our customers, we are able to deliver the full range of services including gage calibration services needed to be successful in all your dimensional measurement activities. 

Our dimensional inspection group works out of a fully equipped, environmentally controlled lab that includes accredited inspections with uncertainties as low as .000006". Our dimensional inspection field group uses laser trackers, conventional CMMs , video measurement systems and surface analysis equipment.

PQI is a Factory Authorized Repair Center for Hexagon and Fowler Linear Height Gages.

If you are looking to access your calibration data, feel free to use our PQI Data Exchange by selecting the icon below.

Gages We Repair

  • Chamfer gage
  • Depth micrometer: B&S, Mitutoyo
  • Dial bore: Dyer, Alina, Compac, Mercer, Interapid, Standard, Sunnen, Mitutoyo  
  • Digital caliper: Mitutoyo only
  • Dial depth gage: Mitutoyo, Kafer
  • Dial Indicator: Compac, Mitutoyo, Kafer, Starrett
  • Dial thickness gage: Mitutoyo, Kafer
  • ID & OD dial caliper gage (Dyer, Intertest, Oditest, Interapid) new models with gears only Indicating (dial) micrometer: Etalon, Mitutoyo
  • Micrometer: Tesa, Brown & Sharpe, Etalon,
  • Mitutoyo
  • Test Indicator: Compac, Interapid, Tesatast, Bestest, Girodtast, Kafer, Mitutoyo, Mahr, Starrett
  • Height gages of any kind

Gages We Won't Repair

  • 6” Dial calipers of any brand
  • Alina (with exception of Alina dial bore gages)
  • Craftsman
  • Helios calipers & height gages
  • Kanon calipers & height gages
  • Peacock indicators, bore gages, etc.
  • NSK calipers
  • Starrett with the exception of indicators 
  • Fowler & Sylvac products
  • Teclock gages of any kind
  • Anything made in China
  • SPI gages made in India (such as hole mikes)
  • Scherr-Tumi


Productivity Quality Inc has been the leading distributor of metrology systems in the Upper Midwest for almost 20 years.

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