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Benefits of Industrial CT Scanning

 CMMs and vision systems have their benefits and weaknesses due to their capabilities when it comes to measuring certain types of parts. Silicone parts are flexible and prove to be difficult to inspect using a touchprobe on a CMM. In addition to touchprobes altering the part, vision systems and CMMs cannot always reach an internal feature unless the part is disassembled or cross-sectioned. Therefore, industrial CT Scanning is an alternate method when it comes to inspecting these types of parts. Some of the benefits of CT Scanning include:

  • Don’t have to cross-section parts
  • Save money by not creating a fixture for the part
  • Measure internal and external features
  • Quickly validate internal and external dimensions
  • Easily compare part-to-CAD

Our Industrial CT Scanners At PQI

                                   EasyTom S                                                           EasyTom

 EasyTom for industrial CT scanning
The RX Solutions EasyTom S CT scanner is a compact and highly versatile X-Ray Micro CT System that can fit easily into any lab or office. With its micro-focus generators, the EasyTom S is capable of providing an outstanding CT resolution of 2µm. And the high-speed detector's fastest scan has clocked in at 6 seconds.

The EasyTom is a 3D X-Ray Micro or Nano computer Tomography system with a voxel resolution down to 350 nm/voxel. It provides a large inspection volume of 320 mm x 420mm). For more information on our industrial CT scanners, visit our dedicated website: www.easytom-ct.com


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