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What Do You Need As A Forensic Firearm Examiner?

 As a forensic firearm examiner, how can you provide an objective comparative analysis? Fortunately, with the combination of the metrology experts at Productivity Quality, Inc and the Sensofar 3D forensics comparison instrument, you can now conduct your analysis with more confidence than ever before.

Sensofar 5-Axis
                                       Sensofar 5-Axis Video 

PQI is a metrology-based company with expertise in dimensional measurement and surface finish as they apply to firearm forensics. With the introduction of Sensofar’s S Neox, forensic firearm examiners can obtain class characteristics faster and with a higher degree confidence. 


The Sensofar S Neox

  forensic firearm sensocomp software
The S Neox provides three technologies: Confocal, Interferometric and Active Illumination Focus Variation. These techniques provide surface topographies obtained with height resolutions at the nanometer level. The SensoMATCH and SensoCOMP softwares provide an additional level of confidence when analyzing and comparing surfaces with toolmarks. SensoVEW can be used for critical dimensions measurements such as depth and diameter of firing pin impression. 

Here are some download files to see how the Sensofar was used in various forensic firearm studies and other information:


Productivity Quality Inc has been the leading distributor of metrology systems in the Upper Midwest for almost 20 years.

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