OGP® ZONE3 Training

Manufacturer: Optical Gaging Products

Event Date(s):
2020-09-14 - 2020-09-16
2020-10-19 - 2020-10-21
2020-11-23 - 2020-11-25

OGP ZONE3 Software Training

Course Objective: By the end of this class the operator will be able to accurately and correctly create relationships between measured features. They will also be able to output the desired dimensions. Participants are encouraged to bring a part, print and CAD model to practice on during the class.

Course Length:  3 Days (24 hours)

Course Overview:

  • System overview and user interface
  • Review of QVI portal
  • How to acquire accurate points using manual and automatic tools
  • Constructions
  • Part setup, datums and alignments with and without CAD
  • Creating, saving, and running a routine
  • Using CAD to measure features and automatically generate paths
  • Using CAD to evaluate GD&T callouts
  • Modifying and adding steps in a routine
  • Reporting options and measurement output with graphic analysis
Optional Classes:
  • Touch Probes
  • Lasers
  • Rotaries
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