Dial & Digital Calipers

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Looking to measure outside, inside, depth or step dimensions? Our selection of dial and digital calipers provide the measurements you are looking for in your shop. Maybe you've been using a vernier caliper for some time, and you want a caliper that is easier to read? PQI offers a line of dial calipers from some of the leading manufacturers: Brown & Sharpe, Mitutoyo, Mahr, and SPI. If you work in a shop with a lot of dust and grime, some of the mechanics in the dial calipers may become damaged. This is when you may want view our lines of digital calipers from some of the same manufacturers. 

Our dial caliper and digital caliper systems range from 3" to 60".  Long form certificate of calibration are available for gages and precision hand tools from our in-house calibration lab. Or maybe you want to calibrate the dial or digital calipers yourself. You can purchase a set of our gage blocks.

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