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  • Q-MARK Probe Styli
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Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) commonly use a probe tip to measure various features on manufactured parts. Once the probe makes contact with the surface of the part, a signal is sent and a measurement is taken. The type of part and features to be inspected generally will determine The type and size of a stylus used are based on the part and features. Q-Mark offers a variety of styli to help measure almost any feature. Q-Mark manufactures their styli in-house and are used for all types of manufactured parts. When it comes to manufacturing their CMM styli products, ceramic and graphite are some of the highest quality materials used in their processes.

Q-Mark Features

  • Made with drilled silicon nitride balls
  • Balls have hardness up to 78 Rc
  • CMM Styli products have a lower coefficient of friction than ruby
  • Feature highly polished surfaces
  • Exhibit less tendency to accumulate material

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