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Shapegrabber Automated 3D Scanners to Measure Complex Shapes

Shapegrabber 3D scanners are ideal for measuring complex shapes that are otherwise too time-consuming, costly, or simply impossible to measure. The 3D laser scanners are very fast and easy to use in comparison to traditional methods, such as gauges, calipers, and Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs). Shapegrabber’s Ai Series (ai310, ai620, ai810) automated 3D scanners can bring speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and complete coverage to industrial 3D inspection.

Regardless of shape complexity, a Shapegrabber automated 3D scanner captures every feature quickly. The accuracy and speed of lasers, combined with state of the art optical engineering, ensure precise measurement in three-dimensions. 

Perform Quality Control Inspections

Shapegrabber non-contact laser scanner technology provides documented proof that manufacturers are meeting specifications by providing NIST-traceable data and accurate 3D scans of complex-shaped parts. These include plastic injection molded parts, castings, stampings and more. Shapegrabber scanners are very easy to use for quality control because there is no need to write special code to scan each object. They are also very fast, capturing millions of data points in just minutes to represent the true and full geometry of the part. The scanners then compare the 3D scanner results to computer-aided design (CAD) models to provide accurate and timely 3D measurement feedback for quality control. Automatically generated reports help to provide proof that you are producing products to specification.


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