Edmunds Gages Air Gaging

PQI is now the Authorized Dealer of Edmunds Gages Air Gages.

Air Gaging Applications

Edmunds Gages Accu-Touch for air gaging 

Air gaging is a non-contact means of precise comparative dimensional measurement which offers users the advantages of improved workflow, increased productivity, and decreased downtime. It is ideal for measuring dimensions with tolerances smaller than .005", and when gaging tight tolerances, a resolution as small as .000002" can be achieved. Its non-contact characteristic makes air gaging particularly useful for checking soft, highly polished, thin-walled or other delicate materials. 

Edmunds Gages makes complete, integrated air gaging systems: amplifiers, tooling, setting masters, connectors and accessories. When you purchase a complete system, you are assured of consistent quality. The adjustable magnification of the Edmunds Gages back-pressure bleed system makes adaptability to many applications effortless within broad ranges of tolerance. We want to discuss your measurement needs, and how Edmunds Gages air gaging can fill them economically, with precision and with long-lasting quality.

ACCU-TOUCH: Gaging Made Simple

Edmunds Gages Accu-Touch
The Accu-Touch™ is the simplest, dimensional amplifier available for your production measurement requirements. The Accu-Touch uses a highly durable, touch screen as its human interface to provide a crystal clear visual display of your measurement results A 5.7" (145 mm) hi-resolution flat panel display with multi-color graphics, digital values, and limit indicators provide an easy indication of a measurement's conformance to a tolerance. Housed within a rugged industrial case, the Accu-Touch is perfect for on machine, bench top, or laboratory measurement applications.

The Accu-Touch is available with four inputs making it easily applicable to many gaging applications. The signal conditioning within is compatible with Edmunds Gages LVDT cartridge probes, and lever probes, with single or dual master ability, and Edmunds Air Gage Tools with dual mastering, when coupled with the docking air-to-electronic unit. Base unite provides up to four single input measurements.

Custom Gaging: Designing and Building the Right Measurement Solution

Edmunds Gages Accu-Touch with variable data

Often a catalog gage just won't cut it. Edmunds Gages has been designing and building custom measurement solutions to fill a specific niche in the market. High volume manufacturing requires gaging devices that can stand the test of time, often in harsh environments, with very accurate and repeatable results. Checking one or two features after machining multiples won't give you the entire story. And waiting on a CMM report hours later typically will have allowed too many parts to go downstream. So to bridge that gap, Edmunds Gages employs a team of highly focused metrology engineers dedicated to conceive, design, build, and implement the right design and build a solution for your application.

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