GD&T - Advanced Applications

Model Number: [GDTL3]
Manufacturer: IIGDT

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Event Date(s):
2024-08-08 - 2024-08-09
2024-11-07 - 2024-11-08
2025-02-06 - 2025-02-07
2025-05-08 - 2025-05-09
2025-08-07 - 2025-08-08
2025-11-06 - 2025-11-07

Course outline:

In-depth analysis & implications of advanced Y14.5 principles

  • Multiple feature patterns used to define a single datum & negative implications of using "non-functional" surfaces as datum features
  • 3D analysis of composite position callouts in relationship to multiple hole patterns defined as single datums
  • Calculations for determining allowable position tolerance for floating and fixed fastener designs
  • Positioning holes and patterns of holes at "zero tolerance" for optimizing manufacturability and critical cost reductions
  • Positioning functional coaxial cylinders from independent datum features vs. to each other and defined as compound datum features
  • Boundary principles used with profile for non-cylindrical shapes
  • Contoured surfaces as datum features
  • Mathematical definitions and implications of ASME Y14.5.1M-1994
  • Surface roughness implications for features of size and form constraints 

Optimization strategies in applications and analysis of design, manufacturing, and measurement

  • Common error implications of dimensioning & tolerancing of tooling and functional gaging, based on product designs
  • Negative implications of common incorrect measurement procedures on CMMs and procedures to resolve/minimize problems
  • Profile definitions and boundary implications in corner transition areas
  • Uncertainty implications of ASME Y14.5 and transformation/development efforts that affect all technical areas
  • Characterization of physical-to-functional hierarchies and the importance of this analysis to realizing optimum functional intent
  • Examination of students' drawings with an eye toward making them clearer so as to optimize design intent and maximize ROI

Advanced tolerancing development within Y14.5

  • Extension principles for datums used in non-standard designs
  • Complex 3D profile geometry and tolerance boundaries
  • Critical simplification of Y14.5
  • Statistical tolerancing

Implications of GD&T for Six-sigma initiatives and product reliability

Productivity Quality Inc.
15150 25th Ave N.  Suite 200
Plymouth, MN  55447

Start/End Time:   8:00 AM to 4:30 PM 


Dr. Greg Hetland is an engineer, consultant, educator and author, and a recognized leader in dimensional tolerancing and physical metrology. He has over 30 years of experience in the aerospace, defense, and commercial industries and extensive expertise in the mechanical and precision engineering fields.

Seminar includes Continental breakfast, lunch, course materials and certificate of completion.

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