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Sensofar Non-Contact 3D Surface Metrology

The Sensofar 3D optical profilers are designed for some of the toughest surface metrology. The systems from Sensofar combine 4 technologies, found in other systems, for surface measurement. Confocal microscope measures the surface height of smooth to very rough surfaces. Focus Variation measures the shape of large rough surfaces. Interferometry is used in applications with very smooth to rough surfaces. Spectroscopic reflectometry measures thickness quickly and accurately in a non-destructive way.

The Sensofar S Wide


The Sensofar S wide Large Area 3D Profiler

The S wide is Sensofar's newest system that takes all the same technology from the S Neox and allows for surface measurement of larger parts. The measurement area on this new system boasts a 300 x 300 mm stage. This new system also features sub-micron height repeatability over the entire extended area, one shot height measurement up to 40 mm without Z scanning, Bi-telecentric lenses with very low field distortion providing accurate metrology, and form deviation from 3D CAD models, 

The Sensofar S Neox 3D Profiler

  forensic firearm sensocomp software
The S Neox provides three technologies: Confocal, Interferometric and Active Illumination Focus Variation. These techniques provide surface topographies obtained with height resolutions at the nanometer level. The SensoMATCH and SensoCOMP softwares provide an additional level of confidence when analyzing and comparing surfaces with toolmarks. SensoVEW can be used for critical dimensions measurements such as depth and diameter of firing pin impression. 

Sensofar 5-Axis
Sensofar 5-Axis Video 


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