Metrology Boot Camp

Please join us for our two-day Metrology Boot Camp.   We'll use classroom presentations, demonstrations, and hands on activities to drill our participants on the basic elements of dimensional measurement:

  • Define what a valid measurement consists of
  • Describe accuracy & repeatability
  • Establish measurement traceability
  • Apply ISO and ASME written & physical standards                      <Online Guide>
  • Identify calibration principles
  • Use 1D, 2D, 2.5D, and 3D measurement systems
  • Describe basic principles of surface & form analysis
  • Match measurement problems to metrology solutions
  • Complete gage repeatability & reproducibility studies (GR&R)
  • Describe uncertainty principles & TUR                                         <Online Guide>
  • Build measurement uncertainty budgets
  • Describe principles of metrology software validation
Price Each: $795.00

Productivity Quality Inc has been the leading distributor of metrology systems in the Upper Midwest for almost 20 years.

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