YXLON Kotem Lunch & Learn

Event Date(s):
2018-08-22 - 2018-08-22

CT Scanning for Valid Metrology Results

A PQI Lunch & Learn
Wednesday, August 23, 11:00 – 2:00


The use of x-ray imaging, and now CT scanning, has been most often used to detect internal flaws on component parts. As these systems have gained in capability and lowered in price they are now commonly being used as a measurement solution. A solution that often seems ideal to create a single cloud of points that can be used to analyze all features: big and small, internal and external.  However; the question remains on how much confidence you can have in the measured results. Especially with today's smaller parts and tighter tolerances.

Our next Lunch & Learn will focus on how our lab uses CT exclusively for metrology applications and how we ensure valid measurements. We will be assisted by Dirk Steiner from YXLON their industrial CT systems and Gav Tatarliev from Kotem Software who will present SmartProfile PAMS: a new way to combine CT data and traditional CMM data to verify CT measured results against a second, certified known measurement system.
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