ZONE3 Additional Instruction

Model Number: [ZONE3 Additional Instruction]
Manufacturer: Optical Gaging Products

Event Date(s):
2024-04-18 - 2024-04-18
2024-05-16 - 2024-05-16
2024-06-20 - 2024-06-20

OGP ZONE3 Software Training

Course Objective: This class is an extension of the Zone 3 Basic Class.  The class helps develop more advanced skills or concentrates on a specific operation or sensor.  Participants are encouraged to bring a part, print and CAD model to practice on during the class.

Course Length:  1 Day (8 hours)

Course Overview:

  • Advanced Topics
  • Touch Probes
  • Lasers

The ZONE3 Basic course is a prerequisete for additional instruction day(s). Students who have not completed ZONE3 Basic will not be permitted to attend the additional courses.

Price Each: $650.00
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