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What's the difference between dial test indicators and dial indicators? If you own a dial indicator, then you are mostly doing comparative measurements. Dial test indicators excel at consistency measurements. You can add a dial indicator to your tool box to help you measure part surfaces in either one or two dimensions like height, flatness, or roundness. If you attach the test indicator to a height stand, you can move the stand freely on the surface plate. You can even combine dial test indicators with a V-block to test for roundness or runout on cylindrical parts.

Dial test indicators are also well suited to ride over irregular surfaces. If you own a lathe, then is one of the tools you will most definitely need in your shop.

Here is a list of why you may need a dial test indicator:

  • You need perform consistency measurements
  • You need to measure part surfaces in either one or two dimensions
  • You have a part with irregular surfaces
  • You need more flexability on your workpiece
  • Your material is deformed
  • You need higher resolution for your part

Dial test indicators from all leading manufacturers: Brown & Sharpe, Mitutoyo, Mahr, Fowler, Starrett, SPI and more. Long form certificate of calibration available for gages and precision hand tools from our in-house calibration lab.


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