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Every quality inspector has their toolbox filled with the right equipment. It only makes sense if you have a dial or digital caliper, that you have the right micrometer. When you need that right precision measurement, you can look to see if one of our micrometers will suit your needs. At PQI, we have all types of vernier, digit counting and digital micrometers (depth, ID, OD, thread, pressure and indicators). You have your choice from some of the leading manufacturers: Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, Mahr, Fowler, Starrett, and SPI. 

Long form certificate of calibration available for gages and precision hand tools from our in-house calibration lab. We offer high quality Mitutoyo digital micrometers as well. if you want to calibrate the micrometer yourself, then you can order a set of our gage blocks.

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