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Sensofar Medical provides state-of-the-art technology for the inspection of implantable medical devices and components as well as leading-edge solutions for R&D worldwide, with each system designed to incorporate the highest quality standards within the field.

Q vix

The Q vix has been designed as a comprehensive solution for simplifying and streamlining heart valve and stent inspection in production environments. High-resolution imaging enables a full inspection of heart valves and stents, reducing inspection time and quality control costs.


The flexibility of the hardware and software of Q vix makes it the best solution for inspection of samples ranging from coronary stents to heart valve frames up to 32mm in OD, and including the inspection of large peripheral stents and neurovascular devices.

Q six

The Q six is able to simultaneously acquire and analyze images of the outer and inner surfaces as well as the sidewalls of the stent structure at a rate ranging from 5 mm2/s to 20 mm2/s. SensoINSPECT is compliant with 21CFR Part 11 Requirements.

Non-contact optical 3D profiling using Sensofar's proven Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI) technology
overcomes the limits of 2D imaging.


Productivity Quality, Inc. has been the leading distributor of metrology systems in the Upper Midwest for over 30 years.

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