Plymouth, MN, September 29, 2017 -- Productivity Quality, Inc. is proud to be the new, exclusive North American distributor of InspecVision Planar U.S. To provide its customers in the U.S. and Canada with the ability to learn more about and order the world’s fastest automated 2D inspection system, it recently launched a new website:

After almost 20 years of being a leading distributor of measurement systems, adding the Planar inspection system to Productivity Quality’s range of products is representative of the company’s vision and cutting-edge approach. “The Planar inspection system is currently the fastest automated 2D measurement system in the world,” said President Keith Summers. “It can record up to 40 million points in 0.1 seconds, delivering maximum precision; plus, with 11 models to choose from, it also offers optional 3D capabilities. Its high-level, top-quality features illustrate the recent technological advancements in the measurement field, and since we’ve always offered our customers the best in measurement equipment for quality assurance, we’re very excited to include this system in our product lineup. It’s affordable, involves very little setup, and requires almost no maintenance—even when used on the factory floor.”

Our new website is entirely focused on information about the Planar inspection system. It includes data about the hard- and software components, as well as an overview about how the various models can be used not only to measure and reverse engineer parts, but also to create detailed records of previously undocumented parts. In addition, it features a convenient Product Selector tool that helps companies determine the most appropriate model for their needs.

Productivity Quality, Inc., is the new North American distributor for the InspecVision Planar U.S. line. With almost two decades of serving the Upper Midwest and the rest of the U.S. as a trusted distributor of measurement systems, the company is dedicated to excellence in both the products it distributes, as well as the service and support it provides to its customers.


Productivity Quality, Inc. has been the leading distributor of metrology systems in the Upper Midwest for almost 20 years.

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